As shown by the explanatory icons above, when we choose to work with a chest ironer we shall foresee for the linen a short drying session in the tumbler aimed to reduce the humidity content to a level suitable to obtain the best finish results (from 15 to 30% according to models and accessories installed).

In the same way your shirts will need to be damped before being ironed to get a good result, to obtain the best finish from a chest ironer it will be necessary that the linen is slightly moist. We therefore suggest to always use a dryer before ironing and not to air dry the linen, as the residual moisture degree obtained with this system could be excessive, scarce or not uniform thus compromising the final results.

With a chest ironer we can iron linen folded twice. Fitting the machine with the proper lamellar spring padding named TENAX we can also press napkins folded in 4 layers.

Very delicate fabrics like silk, satin and organza; round-shaped table linen and some polyester types will on the contrary need to be ironed with a drying ironer, where the ironing process is far more delicate.